MEDITATION : a simple way to begin with!

What is meditation? We understand it as something in which we have to concentrate on and let it stay for the time we are meditating. In Hinduism, we try to concentrate on God to do it, and so on in any other religion. In this way, we get into resonance with God so that our concentration is not deterred.

I can suggest a simple method, to begin with. In Indian Music culture, we practice “Aalap” which is reverberating on a single music note. This is what exactly we do in meditation.

As a beginning, one can start this “Aalap” on the first note which in Indian music is “Sa”. One can keep on practicing this note orally continuously as long as one can for a few minutes. In this way, one will develop concentration and after one is into it one can shift one’s point of concentration to wherever one wants to, to be positive as a point.

So, please try it and develop emotionally, devotionally and motivationally.