Festival Fasting Benefits

In Hindu culture, there are festivals being celebrated like Navratri(generally in April) and Dussehra(generally in October). In these festivals, there is trend to keep fast for 9-10 days along with the puja activities being done by the worshippers, fasting being reduced to self-capable no. of days by fasters.

There is a good catch with the fasting in these festivals that the fasting activities are done at a time when weather is changing from cold to hot in April and rains to cold in October. So, change in season recommends low eating for easy digestion. Also, non-veg is not recommended during fasting. So, these beliefs are very beneficial during the season transition. Also, people generally eat fruits during the period which is also beneficial for anyone’s digestion.

So, whether anyone is religious or areligious, they can garner benefits of fasting during Navratri and/or Dussehra. So, lets chant it out “Jai Mata ki” and fast during the period for howsoever less number of days for worship and for good health.

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