Kacchi Haldi has numerous benefits for a lot of ailments, which supersedes that of regular turmeric normally used in the kitchen.

Here, I am illuminating a few of them:

  1. Digestion: Helps with the production of bile juice,, hence, improves digestion.
  2. Anti-inflammatory: One of the prominent symptoms of most illnesses is inflammation and here raw turmeric comes into effect due to its strong anti-inflammatory property. This anti-inflammatory hass its benefits in pain relief as well.
  3. Vitamin C: Due to high levels of vitamin C in kacchi haldi, it builds the immune system of an individual and has healing effects.
  4. Acts as Blood purifier.
  5. Loaded with Anti-oxidants.
  6. Regulates Blood Sugar Level: Raw turmeric is known to regulate blood sugar levels too and hence, is good for diabetics.
  7. Due to its antioxidant effects, it also helps in lessening neurological deficits in its patient on regular use.

Now a question comes how to consume Raw Turmeric!!!

There’s a simple way to do that. Cut a bit of it and crush it. Then boil the same in water. Then bring the same to luke-warm state and consume it preferably in the morning and evening and garner the benefits of this wonder spice.

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