Karela / Bitter Gourd benefits

Karela / Bitter Gourd : Simple Way to harness its benefits

Karela’s / Bitter Gourd’s bitterness has hidden sweet benefits for ones health. We have had been hearing about its benefits for quite long. However, its bitterness derides people from getting its benefits to ones health.

Here, there’s a simple way to gather its benefits with little exposure to its bitterness.

To begin with, boil a glass of water in your gas stove and put the boiled water in a glass. Then, cut about 2-3 slices of bitter gourd. Put these slices in hot water glass. Cover this glass and keep it covered up for about 10 minutes. Then, take out the bitter gourd pieces from the glass and drink the same after cooling it to acceptable temperature, but, don’t cool it and drink it a bit warm.

Its taste would not be bitter enough to dazzle your senses and you will have its benefits to garner your health. To reduce its bitterness further, one can add a bit of salt to it.

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