Remember your school days. One might have had been given this punishment to kneel down and raise your hands.

At that point of time, one used to take it as a thing worthy of shame and indeed it was the purpose then.

But it has health few benefits as well, like these:

  1. It increases one’s body balance.
  2. It increases one’s body’s core strength, hence, helps with digestion as well.
  3. This also makes take care of food sensitivity issues as well due to core strength improvement.
  4. It strengthens ones knees. To be avoided by people with other critical problems in knees.
  5. It strengthens legs.

So, punishment is guided by many benefits. Take all the benefits!!! But this article does not guide or promote you to inflict sadistic pleasure on this basis, as a notification. It helds no responsibility for such cases.

It is recommended to take guidance of your physician or medical practitioner, before following any advice.

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