Soothe your mind the Yoga Way: Maybe a Substitute to Meditation

It has always been on top of our list to start meditating, but in vain even after attempting for long. It’s been heard since long that people meditate for long times and attain internal peace, but, due to busy lifestyles not everyone can trail that path.

Here, there is a recommendation which you may follow and detoxify your mind. Its really easy and affects in short time. This can relieve you of emotional problems to be balanced, exam problems to teach your bran be calm, job problems to calm your composure and many which you will explore yourself.

This technique is a part of Pranayama called Bhramari Pranayama. Its name, which is a Hindi word, is in relation to a bee. One is to make bee buzzing sound in this pose. One has to be seated in Padmasana. With both the thumbs, close the ears and close the eyes with fingers. Maintain this position. Then, breathe and make buzzing sound. Repeat this for 5-10 times, in the beginning, or more as possible.

This practice will raise confidence quotient as well in the practitioner. Also, this may as well be exercised various other patients to calm themselves and fasten up their self-healing, by practicing this along with their medication.

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