Fatigue is associated with many diseases like Anaemia, Anxiety disorders, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, etc, to name a few. We are left at its fury in such condition to take one or the other medicine.

Here, there’s a natural way which one can try out and may relieve oneself, to some extent if not totally, from fatigue.

Like earlier article, here also recommendation of Moringa/Drumstick leaves is presented. Moringa fights against fatigue by providing Iron and vitamin A to the body. This increase the metabolism of the body and helps to counter fatigue.

Moringa leaves can be ingested, after cleaning the Moringa leaves, in a variety of ways, sometimes raw or steamed or involve it in your regular food. This will make way for Iron and Vitamin A, and may relieve you of this fatigue.

Anyone considering this option is advised to discuss it with a doctor first.

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