Sit-ups with Hands Raised: A Good Punishment cum Exercise

Sit-ups, with hands raised, is a sweet memory from good old one’s school days. It needs no reminder for many. Well, situps are performed by gym goers, but here there’s an addition: raise your hands.

Like all punishment had benefits, this has had too. If one performs this with a set of, maybe, 10, Some of its benefits are as follows:

  1. it increases one’s leg strengths and foothold.
  2. It may also consecutively increase one’s thigh strength.
  3. It may increase the body balance in people with balance problems due to some disease or otherwise.
  4. It helps with core strength in individuals along with help in digestion problems.
  5. It strengthens the gut-brain signal connection.

People, with some diseases or otherwise, may consult a physician prior to performing this.. So, what are you waiting for!!! Your punishment starts now for your own good.

It is recommended to follow your medical practitioner before following any advice.

As a disclaimer , this article does not supports any sadist implication from such individuals and does not take any responsibility for any such actions there upon.

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